Lecture Topics

Dr. Russ Greenfield travels the world informing audiences about the principals and health benefits of Integrative Medicine. He speaks to medical professionals, employers and groups interested in learning more about how Integrative Medicine and it's personalized approach can help prevent and treat illness, and change one's life for the better.

Dr. Greenfield is available to speak on a wide range of topics and will customize a lecture series to meet your group's goals and needs. Some of his most popular lecture topics include:

  • Living Longer Without Growing Old
  • The Basics on Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements
  • The Promise of Probiotics
  • Employee Wellness
  • The Nutrition Prescription
  • Integrative Medicine: Separating Wheat from Chaff
  • Mind - Body Medicine
  • The Integrative Medicine Approach to Cancer
  • Approaching Cardiovascular Disease with Heart: The Integrative Medicine Approach to Cardiovascular Disease
  • Caring for the Caregiver: How to Stay Well When You're Worn Out
  • Making Peace with Stress Appropriate Stress Management

Contact Dr. Greenfield today at [email protected] to discuss your lecture and seminar needs.
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