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Charlotte doctor to appear on The Dr. Oz Show
Dr. Russell Greenfield, one of Charlotte's pioneering practitioners of integrative medicine, will appear today on "The Dr. Oz Show" for the second time this month. The recently taped episode will appear at 10 a.m. on WBTV in Charlotte. ... Read More

Dr Oz, Dr Weil, Dr Jim Nicolai, Dr Russ Greenfield & Dr Victoria Maizes
Dr Oz did a segment called The Medical Renegades: Fighting For Unconventional Answers with Dr Andrew Weil and three of his next generation doctors: Dr Jim Nicolai, Dr Russell Greenfield and Dr Victoria Maizes. ... Read More

Area doctor appears on Dr. Oz show
Russ Greenfield, used to be an emergency medicine doctor. After studying under holistic medicine doctor Andrew Weil for two years and then working with him for two more years in Arizona, he brought his integrative medicine knowledge back to Charlotte. ... Read More

Charlotte relief teams reluctantly leave
Two Charlotte groups say their work for Haiti's people will go on. ... Read More

Q&A with Russell Greenfield
You are a public personality, author, lecturer, advocate and consultant for integrative medicine. What is integrative medicine? ... Read More

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