Welcome to the Web Site of Russell Greenfield, M.D. 
(known to some as Dr. Russ)

Russell Greenfield, M.D. has always held the belief that a patientís lifestyle and environment have the greatest impact on their health.  He began practicing Integrative Medicine in 1997 when he was selected as one of four physicians worldwide to participate in the inaugural class of fellows who studied Integrative Medicine at The University of Arizona College of Medicine under the direct instruction of Dr. Andrew Weil.  Dr. Weil is considered by many to be the father of Integrated Medicine.

Dr. Greenfield offers patients an individualized approach to optimal health that focuses on supporting their innate healing capacity, and inspiring patients toward diet and lifestyle choices that can make a positive difference in their health and overall well being.  His personalized health recommendations combine common sense approaches with appropriate conventional medical and complementary therapies in a customized way that is based in good science, and that helps patients take greater control of their own health. While not a primary care provider, he does recommend having a personal physician and refers patients accordingly.
Dr. Greenfield is passionate in his belief that Integrative Medicine is part of the solution for fixing our broken healthcare system and travels the country delivering the message that health is not all about genetics, and that more of it is within our control than we might believe.  He shares his philosophy on health and healing at corporate retreats, medical conferences and popular community meetings, helping people understand that the lifestyle and dietary choices you make have a greater effect on your future health than does your familyís medical history.

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